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Top Contents To Grow Your Instagram Account

Are you looking for creative ideas that help you grow your account and increase your followers' engagement?

Today we are going to share many ideas and live example to show the best ideas to start with to raise your account content and interaction.


  • Thought leadership

Visually showcase your expertise to your followers. This one’s absolutely perfect for photographers and designers.

But almost any business can impress their audience by sharing tips on simple graphics.

  • Give your employees the spotlight

Content that focuses on employees is a great option for Instagram. This is another way to show users the human side of your brand,

making it easier for them to form an emotional connection to you and trust you more.

  • User-generated content 

You don’t have to do it all yourself! Share your best customer content with their permission.

  • Run an Instagram contest/giveaway

Contests will get people talking about your brand, and they can often yield strong

social proof or user-generated content, if not both all at once.

  • Seize the moment with seasonal posts

Customers love to get into the holiday spirit. It doesn't matter whether that holiday is a major one

like Thanksgiving or an unofficial one like national dog day.

You can take advantage of this by creating seasonal posts that are timely and immediately relevant.

  • Encourage followers to tag a friend

The |tag-a-friend" approach is sometimes used in tandem with contest posts, but they can exist on their own, too.

These posts will encourage followers to (tag a friend) in the comments who they think would

genuinely like the product or who might relate to the subject of your post.

  • Memes

Memes can be effective if they suit your brand style and audience. You can post animated giphy memes on Instagram!

Giphy offers a one-click solution to turn any gif into a perfectly looped fifteen-second .mp4 for you to upload directly to Instagram.

  •  Behind the scenes

Instagram is a great place to connect with your audience and build up know-like-trust with them!

Make them feel special by sharing a sneak peek behind the scenes.

  • FollowerDog

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