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Sky is the Limit for Instagram Interaction

 Sky is the Limit for Instagram Interaction

Instagram engagement is no longer just likes and comments, it also includes engagement from your stories, people following your brand hashtag, IGTV views, and more.
Wondering how to increase Instagram engagement in 2019? You’re not alone and the full answer is here!
In Instagram there are tons of creative brands competing for people’s attention and all are facing an ultra-smart algorithm so how much it’s harder than ever to increase Instagram engagement and how to compete and increase your community interaction and engagement in Instagram?
don’t be disheartened by this competition because it deserves; Instagram is still one of the best places to market your brand online, gain a loyal following, and build a community that supports your business.

Here are the best ways to level-up your Instagram strategy and increase Instagram engagement in 2019:

#1. Start Conversations with Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram Stories stickers are a good way to encourage your followers to chat and share their opinions and experiences with your brand, which, in turn, will help create a loyal following that become connected to your brand.

#2. Optimize Every Instagram Story You Post

Every time you post an Instagram story, you should think about including the following three engagement factors if you want to boost your exposure and engagement:
1- mention sticker
2- Add a location
3- add hashtags

#3. Write Longer Captions

By writing an engaging (and long) caption. Now, we’re not saying that every caption has to be thousands of words long, but even writing a full sentence instead of just a few emojis could help you get more Instagram interaction and engagement.
Don’t forget to fill out you Photo Captions with call-to-action and questions in order to increase your amount of comments and likes by simply asking a question in the photo’s caption. This is a simple and effective way to receive more likes and comments on your photos.

#4. Engage with similar accounts in your niche

Before you post your next photo, take some time to engage with the content other accounts are posting: specifically, accounts similar to yours which are part of your niche.
The basic rule of Instagram is that engagement feeds engagement. By interacting with other users on the platform, you’re increasing your chance of being seen. The more you engage, the more visible your account becomes, and the more engagement you’ll get from visitors to your profile.

#5. Use long-tail, strategically selected hashtags

Using popular hashtags so your images get found in search. But Long-tail hashtags are specific and detailed, which means they more accurately reflect the context of your post.
And If your hashtags are niche specific and look relevant to your post, you’ll increase your likelihood of being found by a relevant audience which will help you grow your followers how are more likely to engage with your content on Instagram as well.

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