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New Secrets and Tricks to Getting Mass Instagram Followers

In fact, at the end of last years, Instagram announced that it doubled its user base to 800 million monthly activities in two years and now it reached 1 billion active users monthly

1-  Hashtags Power:

Many marketers don't realize the power of the hashtag on Instagram.  They also don't realize the power of stories on Instagram.  Put the two together; use the hashtag by type (#) then your topic of choice, into stories you are able to reach an entirely new audience quickly and easily.  All it takes is a little research and your followers will start growing.


2-  Customize your Account

In other words, make sure your bio is complete and you have a profile picture. Your bio should also include a call to action, redirecting people to your sales funnel. For example, if you sell insurance and your funnel starts with a free phone consultation.


3-  Like and Comment on Other People’s Pictures:

Instagram users tend to follow people who are the most engaged. So, the more you engage with other users’ content, the more followers you’ll get. Plus, when you engage with other users’ content, a clickable link redirecting to your profile will be displayed next to the post for everyone to see. The key is engaging on content that is popular and of interest to your target audience.


 4-  The More Followers You’ll Have as People Tend to Follow Back

By following a few people, a day, expect 20 or 30% of them to follow back, provided your account is follow-worthy!

But if you feel you don’t have the time to follow comment, like or visit other stories. We highly recommend you to use AI-based tool FollowerDog that does many tasks like these and more exclusive features you don’t find elsewhere others


4-  Tag People in Your Pictures When Relevant

When you do, these pictures will appear in the newsfeed of the people you’ve tagged and therefore increase the exposure of your account and potentially increase your followers. It’s like hashtag but it just calls for the people who might be interested

5-  Create Your Story

Next is to make sure that your story is engaging.  Time spent on your story will help determine how popular the content is and therefore how many people it will reach through your chosen hashtag. Photos work; however, engaging video clips do very well - and increase time spent on page.  


By doing these tricks consistently; you'll not only help your story engagement, but also your follower count!