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How to Follow Quality Instagram Accounts and Not Spammy Ones? [Answered]

How to Follow Quality Instagram Accounts and Not Spammy Ones? [Answered]

it’s very motivational to see your instagram followers rise in big numbers due to your continuous efforts. but, when closely inspecting some followers as spams, in other words fake profiles. they may continuously ask you to like their photos and other tasks.

Why does matter for you if a portion of your followers are fake?

Instagram periodically does a network-wide purge, which eliminates a significant portion of these spam accounts. this actions can harm you deeply; loosing big amounts of followers steadily. loosing the competition with other competitors in your niche.


Avoiding interaction with spammy accounts

Officially, There are no ways to protect your account from this type of spam, or to guarantee that your follower numbers don't get axed in a later algorithm change, 

Therefore, FollowerDog which is the safest Instagram growth tools offers a two step solution:

1- Autofollow : this function applies specific filters in other words, you can filter out spammy accounts by targeting words in the bio of their account. There are some words in general that's Spammers use in their accounts.This words can be like sell, free or other recognized spammy words.You can also avoid these accounts by filtering out accounts with post age. If the latest post was posted long time ago or if there is a huge time gap between posts then the account is more likely to be spammy. You can also filter out spammy accounts by by number of posts on their page. If the number of posts on the page is less than 9 its most likely a spammy account.

You can avoid business accounts by targeting accounts with no links in their bio. Most of the accounts on instagram with a link in their bio are accounts which are most likely advertising or they running some sort of business on their Instagram page.This accounts also have lot of hashtags under their post so you can filter out business accounts by blacklisting the hashtags that were used by business accounts. Other way you can avoid business accounts by filtering out and only interacting with private accounts.

2- Auto Unfollow: it has many option of exceptions and filters, like Whitelisting Current Follows, which means adding the users who you are currently following to the whitelist and Whitelisting users who liked and commented on your posts.

FollowerDog has may important features that help you getting massive Engagement from real followers and growing your followers amount. try it now from here