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FollowerDog : Safest Instagram Auto Follow Bot in 2019

FollowerDog: Safest Instagram Auto Follow Bot in 2019


It can be useful to explore automating your Instagram account.

An automation tool can easily handle small interactions like your likes,

follows, and comments. So you can still reap the benefits of these activities

while being able to focus on more pressing matters.

It can be hard to strike a perfect balance between safety and effectiveness,

but it's ultimately your decision. To make an imperfect analogy,

you can think of Yuuppy as your exoskeleton device. 

At one end of the spectrum, you may use it to cruise along Instagram,

maintaining the minimal daily activities so your account still appears alive

and kicking in the eye's of Instagram's new AI-powered feed algorithm.

On the other end, you can run 100-miles-a-hour with it,

pushing campaigns and mining fans. In the first case,

it's generally very safe, so long you configure Yuuppy to behave more

or less like a human and you are not sharing an IP address with hyperactive

Instagram accounts. In the second case,

however, the risk is that the speed might not be sustainable over time.

When Instagram decides to ban an account, it doesn't do it right away.

It appears that Instagram will take its time and observe the account's behaviors,

so over time, it can have an increasing confidence of whether this account is a bot.

Usually, it first soft-bans the account by limiting the number of actions

this account is allowed to take - it would appear as though the extension

is running slower. If the account doesn't seem to pick up Instagram's cue

and continues to request to like, follow, or unfollow at the same rate as before,

Instagram would heighten the soft-ban until it completely and permanently bans this account.

Luckily, the reality isn't as scary as it sounds. You will usually notice the slippage

in the number of actions performed each day, so you can slow/pause the

extension, and wait for the soft-ban to get lifted. In addition, don't fret about

shadow-banning or other Instagram myths. Read this TechCrunch

article on how Instagram's algorithm works.


FollowerDog strategy

The strategy is an ever-evolving plan of actions that makes sure you get the best

results under your current situation. It involves doing research,

finding out the best hashtags to use and the users to follow.

It also involves knowing how much Instagram trusts your account.

Think of the bot as an unintelligent machine that carries out your strategy.

It only carries out your plan of actions at scale,

but it still requires your smart inputs and attention.

So what are waiting for?! Get it now from this link