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FollowerDog Auto Like Settings Guide

FollowerDog Auto Like Settings Guide

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Many businesses and celebrities have an active presence on Instagram nowadays. New starters want to make their own presence in Instagram, but the competitions are harder than before now with near one billion active users monthly and thousands of users with professional contents the competition seems like impossible to get through.

How does it work?

Likes functionality in FollowerDog can help in both boosting engagements and getting new followers.

Likes functionality works by liking posts that include hashtags you set to FollowerDog.

The results are amazing, it’s a solution to grow the account and boost engagement.

You just need to pick up the right hashtag which you assume that most of your target audience use in their posts.

How to activate this feature?

Go to LIKE section from the menu on the left, activate the LIKE function by pressing the button beside LIKE Title.

Down LIKE title you can enter the hashtag you want, a list of all similar hashtags will appear, choose the right one.



Auto Like Settings Guide

How to remove hashtags from the queue?

Go to LIKE section from the menu on the left. press the settings button and press "hashtags to like" the press the X button to remove the non-wanted hashtags from the auto like list.


How to like my followings' posts?

You can set Auto Like functionality to like your followings' posts and the posts that appear in Home Feed. Go to settings and press the first option in the "Settings" section


Interval Times & Sleep Times

We highly recommend you to keep these default settings

as they are to avoid errors and maybe issues with Instagram.