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FollowerDog Full Guide

FollowerDog is one of the powerful growth solutions for Instagram Accounts in 2019

and it’s pretty easy to use and today we are going to explain to you how to use FollowerDog:

Full Guide Tutorial

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- Go to Download Page from FollowerDog official website and Download the last updated.


- Go to Download Folder and unzip FollowerDog


3-If You use Chrome Browser, open Chrome menu, select More Tools then press Extensions.

if you use Opera, Uc or any chromium based browser, from the main menu go to extensions


4- now activate the Developer mode and choose Upload Unpacked and you’re done!

How to use FollowerDog Features:

after you download and installed FollowerDog to your browser, now just need to log in with your account from Instagram website choose what FollowerDog to do; and let’s show you how you do each one:


Increase your real followers

1- Auto-follow

- You can choose the account that you want to collect its followers from extension dashboard or from instagram page:

- From instagram page: Go to the account from the search bar or if you have its link just past it in your browser

Now you have two options: you can collect the account's followers and you can collect the followers who liked and/or commented in this account’s posts, you can choose to follow them all.

- From extension dashboard: Go to Follow section in left menu activate the Follow button then enter the accounts you want to follow. Additional, you can follow people by hashtags which means you can choose to follow who liked and/or commented, and/or posts owners. you can also follow people by location which means collecting the user who liked and/or commented, and/or posts owners.


Increase your interaction with your audience

- Auto Like:

auto like feature means that FollowerDog will like hatshtag or places. let’s assume that your potential followers use a #paris hashtag or #xmass you can add these hashtags from the dashboard and start targeting these hashtags to


- Auto Story visit

Auto story visit is an exclusive tool that helps to save your time and increase the necessary engagement with your followers; FollowerDog will automatically visit your followers’ story.


Why Auto Visit story is important?

it’s important for two main advantages; the first is that it saves your time so you can focus on creating content while FollowerDog says in touch with your Followers, the second is that Instagram like many Social media platforms restricts the reach of your posts to all your followers and stories are the only unlimited engagement option.


Clean Your Following from people who don't follow you back:

This is the best Instagram Auto Unfollow tool with a whole lot of features. Save time and let FollowerDog do the unfollowing for you. You can schedule unfollowing of the accounts you follow on Instagram.

  • Unfollow those who don’t follow you only
  • Unfollow Accounts followed via FollowerDog Auto-follow
  • Set a white-list of users not to auto-unfollow

 auto unfollow


How to transfer your FollowerDog Settings to another Account?

From FollowerDog dashboard, go to Account section, scroll down to Settings Transfer, press on Hide/Show bottom on the right corner. 


How to backup account's operational data and configuration?

You can backup account's operational data and configuration including Like/Follow sources, varies settings, as well as follow/unfollow records.


If you did not find the answer to your question or you need more help, please check our FAQ section from our website and from extension dashboard.