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FollowerDog Auto Unfollow Settings Guide

FollowerDog Auto Unfollow Settings Guide

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FollowerDog is still the number one tool for Instagram account growth & interaction solution.

It has the easiest interface and the best, at the same time it has many important features.

The advanced settings also can help you to customize every functionality in this extension.


Why I should use the auto unfollow functionality in FollowerDog?

Today we are going to discuss the setting and the functionality of Auto Unfollow of FollowerDog

But before we start, you might ask yourself this question:

Why do I need to unfollow if I already followed them to make them follow me back?

Well, the answer is that Instagram allows you to follow up to 7500 users. 

But not all of them are going to follow you back and you need to keep your account growing so what you should do? You need to unfollow you’re a number of users in order to continue growing your audience.

How to activate or deactivate the Unfollow functionality?

Go to Instagram website and log in, after installing the Followrdog extension click on

the icon at the right corner of the browser next to Chrome main menu. A new page will open, go to unfollow section. activate the Unfollow function by pressing the button beside Unfollow title.


How to avoid unfollowing the users I followed myself manually?

FollowerDog provides you an option to prevent FollowerDog from unfollowing users you had followed manually after the current installation of FollowerDog extension. just go to Unfollow section and clock on the settings icon, then click on the box that says “Only unfollow users followed by bot”


Please keep in mind that uninstalling the extension will lose the record of whom the bot has followed. You can save these records by doing a backup of your account before uninstalling FolowerDog extension, please check the instruction of how to back up your account settings.


What is Unfollow Grace Period?

This option is the period that FollowerDog is prevented from unfollowing users you followed yourself.

Note: you can prevent unfollowing the current followers.



What are the Auto Unfollows options?

It means that you're enabling FollowerDog to automatically activate UNFOLLOW after the last unfollow time has passed.


Interval Times & Sleep Times

We highly recommend you to keep these default settings

as they are to avoid errors and maybe issues with Instagram.


Whitelist Settings in Unfollow Functionality 

In this whitelist area of Unfollow functionality, you can add more exceptions to this functionality in order to keep following some users like your family or your best followers of the moment.. etc.


Whitelist user who liked or commented in account

If you don't want to unfollow the users who have followed you back and engaged with your posts by liking and commenting on your posts. this option is available as in the below image

Adding Current user to whitelist

This option is very important at the beginning of using FollowerDog for some users. you can do it easily as in the screenshot

Removals: cleaning your whitelist:

The last option has many advantages you'll see when your account get bigger and bigger with FollowerDog functionalities. the removals help you to clean your whitelist in case if it becomes bigger than you want or for any other reasons.

You have two option here, one to remove only the likers and commenters and the other is to clean the whole whitelist. 

Finally, we would like to remind that every step cannot be undone, therefore you may prefer to make a backup before each change you make on settings.

Read the full guide of how to back up your FollowerDog settings from the link here