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FollowerDog Auto Story Visit Settings Guide

FollowerDog Auto Story Visit Settings Guide

En: please enable subtitles to see video explanation in your language

Sp: habilite los subtítulos para ver la explicación del video en su idioma 

Tr: Lütfen video açıklamasını kendi dilinizde görmek için altyazıları etkinleştirin

Fr: veuillez activer les sous-titres pour voir l'explication vidéo dans votre langue


Instagram Stories have changed the way we use Instagram,

turning the platform into something more than your everyday online photo album.

You can use FollowerDog Auto Story Visit as a way to keep your most

loyal followers engaged while focusing on your content’s creation.


Do I need to change Story settings?

The settings of FollowerDog include the Interval Times and the Sleep Times' settings. we highly recommend you keep these settings as they are. 

Can I change the pool size?

The pool size is capped at 1000. It is actually better to set a smaller pool size so whatever is in the pool is "fresh," meaning things are less likely to change between the time when they are added to the pool and when they are "executed."

How to Reset