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Best Tips To Boost Your Instagram Engagement [2019]

Best Tips To Boost Your Instagram Engagement [2019]

Instagram has become the biggest photo-sharing social media service on the planet. to stay ahead of its competition, Instagram had to keep on adding new features which have made the service a little bit complex over the years.


#1. Complete your Instagram bio

If you want to get new Instagram followers, they need to quickly understand why they should click that "follow" button.

A bio that descirbes you and add other links like your website or another socail media link. In this way you’ll attract more quality followers who are aligned with your brand and who are more likely to become your customers!

#2. Add some fun to your posts and Stories

Express yourself in any way you want to. you can post funny and entertainment videos every two days to bring some fun to your account.

Instagram Stories and posts take time and effort, everyone knows that, but doesn't mean you can't have fun creating them so take some time to make your followers smile.


#3. Maintain a schedule for posting time

A lot of studies that show you the best posting time for social networks. First, ask yourself: "at what hours my followers are mostly engaging?" if you use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts. read the statics to know the best time of high engagement of your audience.


#4. Reply to your DMs

This step is essential. Keeping a relationship with your followers is very important, mainly because they take their time to send you a message.

No matter how big or small your account is, make sure you spend time listening and responding to both positive and negative feedback.


#5. Boost engagement, get more followers

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#6. Stick with one Instagram filter

There are a lot of filters, so play with them for a week, and then stick with the one you feel more comfortable with, and defines you and your business the most.


#7. Use Correct Instagram Size Images

There's nothing worse than uploading a photo that gets cutoff or doesn't upload the way you envisioned.

Instagram sizes are:

· Instagram profile photo: 320x320 px

· Instagram square photos: 1080x1080 px

· Instagram portrait photos: 1080x1350 px

· Instagram landscape photos: 1080x566 px

· Instagram stories/IGTV: 1080x1920 px