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Best Instagram Auto Liker Auto Follower Without Password in 2019

Do you want to increase (real!!) Followers with a fast and safe method? Do you want to bring tons of likes and comment on your photos on Instagram without risking your account and your private data?
Best Instagram Auto Liker Auto Follower Without Password in 2019
Will, many famous tools offer you good features but you need to login in their platforms which is risky to your private data and even your account itself. If you prefer security over performance if you want to increase your followers and interaction with your photos you better try FollowerDog and here we listed the main reason made our clients prefer FollowerDog:


FollowerDog doesn't require to login inside its platform, it uses a Chrome extension which doesn’t need any password. Additionally, the default settings of FollowerDog focus on Safety over Performance.


FollowerDog put simplicity on top to give you a UI Easy-Breezy and easy settings to which make it clear, intuitive and helpful. It’s important to know that the default settings are set to give you the best result so you don’t need to spend time on changing settings.


FollowerDog providers exclusives features in many fields, we count some of them: auto follow by hashtags, location, and people. You can add your whitelist to you unfollow process to prevent unfollowing. You have story auto visit and auto like feature which can help you to keep in touch with your followers and that’s a very important factor to boost your followers' interaction with you.


FollowerDog has many exclusive features but the advanced auto follow is very important and let’s highlight the main advantage you get: 1. You can set FollowerDog to follow or not follow people who have specific words in their bio, well you might ask what does that mean? It means you can follow people who wrote in their bio word related to your business. E.g. you’re a traveling agency and by this feature, you can set FollowerDog to follow people who are interested in traveling.
You can also get the benefit of preventing following accounts that shows specific interested or fields you don’t want to follow; e.g. if you have an online store for mother and kids’ gift, you can set FollowerDog to not follow an account that includes adult words or even competitive stores.

#5. The longest free auto-follow trial

If you want to make sure of our tool and its features, we provide you 5-10 days free trial to try our service and see the real results. You’ll get at first free five days and after the five days if you subscribe with your email from the panel you’ll get extra 10 days of the free trial to use FollowerDog.
What are you waiting for getting FollowerDog now and enjoy the safe and efficient Instagram growing solution FollowerDog Download