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7 Instagram Mistakes To Avoid In Your Account

The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid in 2019

  • Setting your account as private account

It’s a big mistake to make your account private so you better check back your privacy settings you might make it unintentional

By setting your account to private, you are only limiting your opportunities to come across any business or individual in the Instagram community who has an interest in what you have to offer.

  • Posting unrelated photos or videos

If you’re managing your company account or even if you’re a solopreneur marketing your own business.

You must avoid sharing personal live details like photos of your dog family food… etc. you‘ll be taking a risk to appear not relevant to who have an interest in your business or to appear unprofessional.

  • Low-quality photos

Don’t post low-quality photos in your business account otherwise, it may look crappy photos with poor resolutions.

Believe it or not your photos quality make followers understand many conceptions about your business quality.

  • Using non-relevant hashtag or not using them at all

The right hashtags make your content discoverable by people how to search for new contents. Don’t use the irrelevant hashtags. Categorize your hashtags by content, time and context. Plus, make sure you are following popular hashtags that are relevant to your account niche.

  • Not proofreading caption

Misspellings and grammar mistakes give your followers the worst impression of your business. It makes your brand look unprofessional.

  • Not engaging with your followers

The reason of calling Instagram social media is because of interaction and engagement between accounts. So when you post a new photo make it speak out and put some questions to your audience.

  • Not inviting new followers

If you don’t find an easy cheap way to get more followers you might lose slowly your audience for other competitive accounts so you better use tools like FollowerDog to set auto follow, auto like, auto story visit and auto unfollow in order to make sure that you have time to focus on content creation.