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GET THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS & LIKES FollowerDog has an artificial intelligent software and helps you gain thousands of real & organic followers who like and interact your posts very much and organically!

FollowerDog helps you to get much more real and organic likes with the help of increasing your instagram interactions and your followers

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Why FollowerDog.com?

The best instagram software to increase followers, likes, interactions and popularity organically! 10 days free trial

  • Follow

    You can automatically follow users who like or follow selected people, locations, or # hashtags. Increase your followers very fast by following your friend's, family's, competitor's most active, real and organic followers by auto follow tool with FollowerDog's artificially intelligent software

  • Like

    You can automatically like to your instagram feed or # hashtags. Your posts' likes will boost with increasing your followers very fast. Your new and organic followers will like/comment/interact to your posts very much.

  • Unfollow

    You can automatically unfollow who do not follow you. Make whitelist not to automatically unfollow your friends or family members

  • Analytics

    You can see detailed statics about your followers, follows, likes and more

Advanced Chrome Extension Tool for Instagram Automation

You can manage all automation like follow, unfollow, like, story visit by Follower Dog’s special Chrome Extension. Your instagram password is not needed! Thanks to the artificial intelligent software with special sleep times, no risk for your instagram account to be banned for being too active

Accesible option Inline editing box Interaction options Easy search box

All-in-one Instagram Automation

FollowerDog has many great tools which has artificial intelligent features like auto follow, auto like, auto story visit and much more...

Automate all of your instagram activities and gain thousands of organic & real followers, likes and comments. Just sit back, FollowerDog will do everything for you!

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Get access to a ton of features out of the box

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You can follow users in the specific range of follows, followers, or posts. You can auto follow by gender or private accounts or avoid users who have specific words in their bio part

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No Password Needed

Follower Dog doesn’t need your instagram password or any special connection. Just set up our special Chrome Extension, it will do safely on behalf of you

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Use Locations or Hashtag Searches

You can follow specific users' followers, likers or post commenters. You can auto follow people who tag in specific hashtags and locations.

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No risk of being too active

Don’t worry about to be banned for being too active since our artificial intelligent software knows when and how to follow or unfollow with specific timing and constraints.

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Auto Story Visit

You can automatically visit your follow’s story and increase your likes and engagement very much since they will see your visit in their story details and come back to engage with you

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Easy Unfollow

You can automatically unfollow users who don't follow you back. Create whitelists not to unfollow your friends, family members or celebrities mistakenly

Simple and affordable prices

Try FollowerDog free for 10 days. No credit card required!.

Free Trial

Free for 10 days

Includes all features

  • Unlimited LIKES
  • Unlimited FOLLOWS
  • Unlimited UNFOLLOWS
  • Unlimited Story Visits
  • Gender Selection For Follows
  • Detailed Statistics and Charts

1 Month License

9,99 USD

Includes all features for 1 month

  • Unlimited LIKES
  • Unlimited FOLLOWS
  • Unlimited UNFOLLOWS
  • Unlimited Story Visits
  • Gender Selection For Follows
  • Detailed Statistics and Charts

3 Months License

7,99 USD

$23,97 total for 3 months

Includes all features for 3 months

  • Unlimited LIKES
  • Unlimited FOLLOWS
  • Unlimited UNFOLLOWS
  • Unlimited Story Visits
  • Gender Selection For Follows
  • Detailed Statistics and Charts

12 Months License

5,99 USD

$71,88 total for 12 months

Includes all features for 12 months

  • Unlimited LIKES
  • Unlimited FOLLOWS
  • Unlimited UNFOLLOWS
  • Unlimited Story Visits
  • Gender Selection For Follows
  • Detailed Statistics and Charts

Do you have questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

The best strategy is to follow the follower’s of the people who is similar to you. It can be your friend, collaegue or If you are a brand it can be your competitor. Then you can collect certain people who post in certain places or using certain hashtags
No, you never. Instagram has some follow, unfollow or like limits and Follower Dog knows these limits and the software comes with these default limits, filters and working timing. You can find these filters and contraints in each part’s setting section and you can change them anytime. We strongly recommend you not to change these filters and become too active. Follower Dog records Error Log If Instagram detects too much actions for your account. In this case you can stop the software and start on the other day after a break.
Auto-commenting is very much like spamming and it is very risky for your account health. This is why Follower Dog doesn’t have auto-commenting feature
Auto-liking feature increases the like backs from the people whose post you like. However be careful when you use this feature and select the hashtags you really want to target. Best thing to use hashtags to auto-like is to select very certain, localized, specific hashtags in order not to auto-like unappropriate posts.
Follower Dog doesn’t need your password because it is a Chrome Extension. Follower dog do not get, record or use your Instagram password, it just works on the other tab of your Chrome browser only works with instagram.com.
You need to keep your PC, Follower Dog Chrome Extension and your Instagram account open in order Follower Dog to work behind. So the answer is no, please do not close your PC or Chrome Extension tab and do not log out from your instagram account

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